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Los Angeles Clippers Draft Profile: Miles Bridges

The Los Angeles Clippers have the 12th and 13th pick of this upcoming NBA draft. This week, we’ll cover who the Clippers should target and analyze their game. In this edition, we’re focusing on the Michigan State star Miles Bridges.

Why the Clippers Should Draft Miles Bridges

One word stands out when talking about the Spartans standout product: versatility. When you watch highlights of Bridges, you can see that he can hurt you in multiple ways. His 6′ 7″ frame can be used to go down low and bang up against the biggest guys on the court. But at the same time, Miles Bridges can hurt a team with his mid-to-long range jumper.

In the 34 games he played last season, Bridges made 45% of his shots. From inside the arc, the 20-year-old netted an astounding 52% of shot attempts from that distance. He wasn’t half bad from beyond the three-point line either, drilling 35%.

Miles Bridges’ length could also be an x-factor on defense. His 7′ wingspan will be a great way to clog up some passing lanes. Pair that with DeAndre Jordan’s 8′ wingspan and Patrick Beverly’s hounding defense (once he returns fully healthy) and that could be fierce defense for a few years.

One of the forward’s biggest improvements during his time at MSU was his free throw shooting. In his first year in college, Bridges was poor from the charity strike, sinking only 68% of those attempts. Extra time during the gym in between seasons certainly paid dividends. Because, in his second season, his percentage shot up like a rocket, netting 85% of his free throws. That is very impressive considering the short turnaround.

Lineup Issues

Probably the biggest concern for Doc Rivers would be his lineup with Miles Bridges. What would be his best position in the NBA? Bridges is definitely too small to play the four, so where will he go?

Rivers could possibly have him be a sort of hybrid 3/4. When the Clippers are on offense, Bridges can be utilized on the wing to attack the rim. On defense, the Flint, Michigan native can defend guys that are bigger than he is.

Should Bridges fall down to 12 in the draft, the Clippers should take a chance on Bridges. At just 20, there’s tons of room for continued growth as well.

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