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LA Kings State of the Franchise Event

On Thursday night, the Los Angeles Kings pulled out the welcome mat for Season Ticket Members at the annual State of the Franchise.

Kings fans were treated to a panel lead by the television announcing team of Alex Faust and Jim Fox. The duo discussed where the team stands as the new season draws closer.

The panel of guests included the President of Hockey Luc Robitalle, VP and General Manger Rob Blake, Director or Player Personnel Nelson Emerson, and Team Video Coordinator Samson Lee.

Special appearances were made by Dustin Brown and the Kings newest college, free agent signing Daniel Brickley. The members of the front office gave presentations highlighting the Kings system for scouting, recruiting free agents, and game operations.

After the presentations a Q&A with fans took place with the panel.

Event Highlights

Luc Robitalle discussed the make up of the team and reminded the fans of where the front office saw the team.

“We’re in our window … we have 3-4 years to contend for a Stanley Cup.”

Rob Blake highlighted that the Kings returned to the playoffs and that they want to build on that, stating:

“Our number one job is to get back in the playoffs … we expect a lot out of them (core players) … we’re going to keep integrating these young kids and make that exciting.”

Youth was the theme of the night as Nelson Emerson highlighted the changing philosophy that has been implemented into the Kings strategy for developing players.

Emerson expects that one of the break out players from rookie camp may be 2017 Kings draft pick Jaret Anderson-Dolan. He noted the speed and skill that the front office is seeking.

Blake was not above praising his players either. He had a telling message of how he felt about the break out year that Dustin Brown had last season.

“We don’t have the season we did without him,” Blake said.

This is a welcoming sign as the previous front office wrote off Brown, who had removed him from the captain role.

A Voynov return?

The biggest reaction during the panel was to a question asked during by a season ticket holder. They asked the front office about whether they saw an opportunity for Slava Voynov to return to the Kings.

Voynov was arrested in fall of 2014 due to domestic assault, a Russian national Voynov was deported after losing his work visa. The Kings voided his contract but retain his rights as Voynov is in the process of gaining reinstatment by the NHL.

“At the current time at the present time our stance is till the same,” Blake said.

“Until we know the outcome of the whole situation, between Voynov’s party and the NHL whether he’s even going to be reinstated.

“It’s a little premature for us to act on anything until we know about that.”

With the evening done seemingly the kickoff to the new season had begun as training camp begins in a few weeks and the puck starts dropping for real in October.


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