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Keys to the Los Angeles Lakers Third Consecutive Win

The Los Angeles Lakers hung on to win their third consecutive game, and five out of their last, with a 107-106 victory over the Atlanta Hawks.

“It was a not a pretty win for us tonight, but a win is a win,” Luke Walton said afterwards. “We will take it and learn from it.”

This latest triumph also marks a first winning record for Walton, LeBron James and company this season.

With that said, here are three keys to Sunday night’s win.

Three point shooting

The last two games has seen Los Angeles chuck up a ton of shots from behind the three point line. Against the Sacramento Kings, they had 38 attempts from that range, and put up the same number of shots Sunday.

What the difference was between the two games, though, was that the were more prolific from that distance.

The bench completed the same amount of shots, but with a healthier Lonzo Ball on the court, the young point guard drained a couple attempts of his own.

When the Lakers play against more talented teams, though, they cannot keep settling for shots from behind he arc. The team will need to get into better positions on the floor for a higher percentage shot.

Attacking the basket

Against the Kings, LA struggled to attack the basket and get to the free throw line. However, Sunday was a different story.

On Saturday night, the Lakers, despite winning by 15 points, made only seven shots from the charity stripe.

A day later, they surpassed that mark, attempting 24 shots from that range. Their shooting percentage was better as well, draining 62.5% of their free throws.

This aided in their victory tonight, and that trend will need to continue as the season continues onward.

Tyson Chandler

The 36-year-old Tyson Chandler has only been with the Lakers for five days after being released by the Phoenix Suns, he has already made an impact.

At the end of this game, Chandler altered Trey Young’s shot at the buzzer to seal LA’s win.

“I mean it’s huge,” James said of Chandler’s impact. “The impact that he’s made … it’s been great.”

Chandler did more than just make the game saving play, however. Off the bench, the veteran hauled in five offensive rebounds, keeping multiple possessions alive, two steals, and three blocks.

If the Lakers are to make a run at the playoffs, the added depth will be a great welcome to the entire squad.

Next Game

The Lakers get two days off before they take on the Portland Trail Blazers at Staples Center Wednesday night. This game can be seen on ESPN or on watchESPN.


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