Keys to the Game in the Kings 5-2 to loss to the Flyers

The Los Angeles Kings got started on the one thing they’ve been doing well this year: losing.

You would have thought that taking on the Philadelphia Flyers, a middling team on an extended West Coast trip, would work to some advantage for the Kings, but it did not.

Once more, the Kings played the same brand of hockey they have all season. They struggled to score on the power play, they were sloppy with the puck, and the Flyers made them look slower than molasses.

Without further delay here were the keys of the game.

Power-less Play

The Kings scored on the power play for the second consecutive game for the first time all season. However, the problem in this game was that they didn’t take advantage of all their opportunities.

Ten minutes into the game, the Kings had a 5 on 3 power play opportunity for more than a minute after the Flyers took back to back penalties.

During that time, the Kings got exactly one shot off, giving the Flyers plenty of confidence the rest of the way.

Flyers opened the floodgates

Once the Flyers stopped the Kings power play opportunity, they pushed the flood gates wide open.

The Flyers scored in all three periods during this game, pushing the Kings goals allowed total to 24 consecutive periods.

It’s no wonder the Kings goal differential. sitting at a whopping -20, is dead last in the NHL. They aren’t going to win many games if they can’t keep the puck from going in the net.

One Bright Spot

With the long term injury to Jonathan Quick, there has to be a worry of a drop in goal tending play.

You would not have noticed that on Thursday night. Jack Campbell kept the Kings in the game for as long as he could.

In the third period, down 3-2, the Kings gave up three break away attempts on sloppy turnovers. Campbell stopped the first two. But unfortunately, the third time was the charm for the Flyers.

The reality is that if Campbell did not play his best, the Kings could have easily lost the game by a score of 10-2. Campbell put up a solid performance, but the Kings porous defense was too much to overcome.

The Kings still have five more home games to go this home stand. If they are going to keep looking lost like Thursday , there may be big changes coming.

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