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Is it time for the Kings to say goodbye to Jonathan Quick?

After watching Jonathan Quick save the Los Angeles Kings for the 302nd time of his career, it must have felt like old hat for Kings fans. Quick made made 33 saves to help the Kings win a special Monday holiday game 4-3 over the St. Louis Blues.

The win did not help the Kings much in the standings, however, as they moved from 31st to 27th in the NHL standings. This victory was simply another another way to tack on to the legacy Quick has built up with the organization.

Quick’s last stand?

It may have also been another game closer to his departure before the trade deadline. With little to play for the rest season the Kings are at crossroads as to how to improve a team that has fallen apart since being swept out of the 2018 playoffs.

If the Kings are going to improve their prospects for the future, Quick may be the one most likely to help. With his 302 wins, two Stanley Cups, and Conn Smythe trophy, the netminder has the resume to boost other team’s Stanley Cup chances.

At 33 years old, his $5.8 million cap hit is not as onerous as it once looked. When healthy, Quick has maintained an above league average save percentage and GAA. With three years left on his contract, a better team could use a playoff seasoned goalie to keep them in cup contention.

Backups stepping up

For the Kings trading Quick would be less about finding players who can contribute now and more about finding draft picks and future assets. The Kings have shown an ability to develop goaltenders this season as both Jack Campbell and Cal Petersen showed they could carry the flag when Quick went down with injuries.

Now it’s time for the front office to show they can develop young talent outside of the net, those assets a Quick trade would bring is there chance.

Kings fans won’t want to here this though. After years of mediocrity in the net, one of the unifying factors for their golden age has been the stability of Quick. But the day has come where Jonathan Quick’s legacy could be separate from the Kings.


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