Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers extend World Series drought

For the second consecutive season, the Los Angeles Dodgers watched as another team celebrated on their field. This latest defeat extended their 30-year drought, while also depriving their fans of yet another championship.

The script has been all to familiar when the Dodgers needed a key hit or key pitch it could not be found. When the Dodgers needed Clayton Kershaw to finally win the big one he gave up nine runs in 11 innings worth of 2 losses.

The Dodgers needed their bullpen to finally come through in the tight situations. However, much like the last 30 years, fans could only watch in horror as they turned a 4-0 lead in Game 4 into a 9-6 loss.

Effectively a nail in the coffin to the series, but when a team hits .180, it is hard to overcome the 108-win Boston Red Sox.

Losing 5-1 in Game 5 was a fitting end to a miserable up and down season.

The talented Dodgers lost all-star Corey Seager for the season and found themselves 16-26  in mid-May, a franchise worst. They then lost Justin Turner, Clayton Kershaw, Hyun-Jin Ryu to significant injuries at some point during the season.

Despite turning their season around, the Dodgers still needed a 163rd game to clinch their sixth-consecutive NL West title. Once in the playoffs, they needed another seven games just to get to the World Series.

The same things that plagued the Dodgers during the season plagued them in the World Series. Bad bullpen, terrible situational hitting, and sloppy defense caused their downfall.


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