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Analyzing LA Galaxy’s Loss vs Houston Dynamo

The LA Galaxy lost all three points late to the Houston Dynamo Saturday night. It looked like the Galaxy were about to get a vital road point. But Houston’s José Rodríguez had other ideas, as the Dynamo came away with a 3-2 victory.

We are going to take a look at what went wrong during the build up to that goal. And then see if Sigi Schmid’s side could have stopped the goal that cost them the match.

The Houston Dynamo Cross

It does not seem like much, but that delivery into the box from Boniek García is what set everything up. The ball eludes both of the Galaxy’s center backs and David Bingham. Dave Romney tries to clear the cross out of play, but instead it smacks square off the crossbar. 

The Rebound

What happens if Romney’s clearance does not bounce back into play? Does the match end 2-2? Most likely, yes. But that does not happen. And when the ball ricochets, the defense falls asleep, they do not expect that bounce. Rodríguez reacts quickest and has an easy tap in for the match winning goal. 

How to Prevent the Goal

There are a few ways the Galaxy could have stopped that goal from happening.

1. Close García down 

Ashley Cole was playing too far away from his natural position. That meant that Ola Kamara had to try and make up that ground. But alas, the space proved to be too much. García had room to spare to float that ball in towards the area.

2. Bingham catches the cross

It seems like a pretty simple idea. What if the Galaxy goalkeeper reads the play a little better? Maybe Bingham stays back more and slides to the back post to nab that cross. That’s match over if he does that. Instead, the Castro Valley native is at the near post, unable to react quick enough.

3.  Romney’s clearance

When the ball lands at Romney’s feet, it looks as if the left back reacted quicker than he had too. Had he brought the cross down with his chest, instead of lashing out, the 24-year-old could have turned and booted the ball downfield. That would have forced Houston to track back and recycle possession again.

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